Your First Year of Burris Connect Support is Now Included in Your SR™ Training

  • Burris Connect Support Features

  • $348 Annually (Just $29 Per Month)

Public SR™ Workshops with E-commerce

Private SR™ Workshops with E-commerce

Unlimited SR™ Practitioner Training Retakes

Emotional Fitness Progress Tracking

Gut Health Progress Tracking

SR™ Client Management

SR™ Supervisor Assignment

SR™ Observer Assignment

Unlimited Number of Clients

SR™ Client Support

Private messaging

Phone Support

Email Support


Burris Institute - Connect Support Breakdown

Public SR™  Workshops with eCommerce
Your PayPal account is integrated into your Burris Connect SR™ Practitioner account so when you set up a public or private workshop the money you collect goes directly into your account. All public workshops are displayed in your public profile. When someone signs up for a public or private workshop a client account is automatically made for them. The client's account will not become visible to the SR™ Practitioner until a connection request is made. 

Private SR™  Workshops with eCommerce
Private SR™ workshops are not visible to the outside world. When you set up a private workshop you will send the link to your client so they can pay for the workshop and secure their time. 

Unlimited SR™ Practitioner Training Retakes
You can take all or part of any upcoming SR™ Practitioner Training as a refresher or if you just need to keep up with the updates.

Emotional Fitness Progress Tracking 
With Burris Connect you measure and track the emotional health of your clients which enables smooth management of all clients even if you have not connected for a lengthy period of time.

Gut Health Progress Tracking
With established evidence of how mood is affected by gut health, we have found that tracking gut health is an absolute imperative especially if numbers on the Functional Emotional Fitness™ Checklist do not come down. 

SR™ Client Management
Every tool you need to manage, track and get new clients is built into your SR™ Practitioner account. 

SR™ Supervisor Assignment
The Supervisor role enables SR™ Practitioners within an organization the following feature set.

  • Manage and Assign SR™ Practitioner to Clients
  • Track Effectiveness of SR™ Practitioners within your Organization
  • Statistical Overview of Individual SR™ Practitioners

Supervisor designation within Burris Connect can include some unique challenges depending on the number of SR™ Practitioners one has been assigned. This is a critical part of our support system which ensures you are always up and running smoothly.

SR™ Observer Assignment
This is a role designed for Generals, presidents of corporations, and heads of research who are not certified but have a fundamental interest in the Emotional Fitness of a specific group. All supervisor and observer supervisors must be approved by the subordinate they are requesting to supervise.

Unlimited Number of Clients 
The clients SR™ Practitioners can manage in their accounts are unlimited.

SR™ Client Support
Burris Institute will support any issues your client may have with Burris Connect.

Private Messaging:
A messaging system via email will enable instant communication between supervisors, SR™ Practitioners, clients, and support staff.

Phone Support: Phone support is available during regular business hours 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific standard time.

Email Support: Email support is the fastest for all levels of support.

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*Feature sets of Burris Connect are subject to change.