Pros vs. Joes

 I love football!  Plain and simple!  I grew up playing the sport in grade school, high school, and continued playing right into college at Ole Miss.  I played linebacker and I really liked to "hit!"  Not in a mean, sadistic way, but in a manner that I deemed as "doing the very best I could do."  Some of you reading this are probably wondering what that means and I'd have to add that it's kinda like riding a Harley...If I have to explain it, you'll never understand. Just know it's about being good at what you do.

Detailed Mission Analysis

In a previous blog from my website, we focused on the importance of setting an Objective.  An Objective, as you may recall, is a Principle of War that states we should “direct every military operation toward a clearly definable, attainable, and decisive objective."  Setting an Objective in our civilian lives allows us to focus on the end-state, it creates personal ownership of what we seek to accomplish, and